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Don’t hurt me. I’m fixed.

This is precious Niña. Her tag says she lives at the Camara Oscura. I came back to visit her again and she was taking a hard nap behind the front door.

In Havana, there are so many unsterilized dogs and cats that some people try to kill them just to try to keep down their populations. But some of these dogs have been adopted by various public buildings and areas. They wear laminated name cards around their necks that say, “Estoy esterilizado,” which translates as “I am sterilized,” meaning that they have been spayed/neutered. The tags also tell where they live and say, “No me maltrates,” which means, “don’t mistreat me.”

This is P-9. That’s “Señor P-9” to you. He lives at Camara Oscura with Niña. He’s in charge. He makes sure no other dogs do naughty things around his corner. I love saying his name in Spanish: “Pay-New-Ev-Ve.” I talked to him a lot just so I could say it.
Sometimes, P-9 has to take a break but he remains vigilant.
Other times, the sun causes P-9 to let down his guard a bit. A nap may follow shortly.
This is Nano. He’s not dead. He’s just fat and happy. He lives at the Plaza de Armas, which is surrounded by restaurants. Notice the wooden bricks on the street.