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Cuba is in love with its cats.

Cienfuegos fluffy
"Can't talk now. I'm on a mission."

One thing you’ll notice if you travel to Cuba is that Cubans like cats. Cats freely roam the streets throughout the day and night, seemingly without much fear that dogs or humans are a serious threat. Apparently, that hasn’t always been true, but today you’re likely to encounter cats that will even cuddle up to you for attention. Here are a few that I found while I was there.

Cubanisimo Cat
“Hey, man. I’m makin’ the scene. Can you dig it?”
Havana Vieja dumpster cat
That “HV” stands for Havana Vieja.
Nodding off Cat
“I gotta quit staying up so late.”
Early morning cat
“I’ve got my eye on you.”
Calle Obispo sentry
“Pay no attention to me; I’m invisible.”
Guardian of the Calle
“I’d better make my rounds.”
Cristo Plaza cat
Guarding the oldest church in Havana.
Morning Market Cat
“Where’s that tuna delivery guy?”
Capitolio Cat
Breakfast al fresco
Hopeful in Havana
Havana Catwalk
Strolling Calle Obispo with the turistas.